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Lip Lift Sarasota

Patients concerned about loss of lip volume and/or inward rotation of the line that surrounds the red parts of the lip may benefit from lip enhancement procedures such as:

  • Lip augmentation – adds volume to upper and/or lower lip
  • Lip advancement – enhances “show” of upper and/or lower red lip (vermillion)
  • Subnasal lift – shortens area above the upper red lip
  • Corner lift – softens downturned corners of upper lip

Important considerations include previous surgery and whether the primary goal is to restore volume or to allow more “show” of the red part of the lips. While lip augmentation is designed to restore volume to the lips, the procedure generally will also allow for more “show” of the red part of the lips. Lip augmentation adds volume using filler injections (eg, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane) or natural soft tissue (eg, fat transfer, SMAS transfer).

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Lip Lift in Sarasota | Florida

Lip Lift | Sarasota | FL
Lip Lift in Sarasota | FL

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