New Offering for Sarasota-area Patients Can Reduce Fat without Surgery in Only 25 minutes For a Slimmer Appearance with No Discomfort and Zero Downtime

Sarasota, Florida — June 7, 2016Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, PLLC (“Holcomb – Kreithen” or “HKPS” or “the Practice”), a leading plastic surgery practice in Florida, is pleased to announce it is now offering SculpSure®, a breakthrough non-invasive laser treatment for men and women that reduces stubborn fat in problem areas such as the abdomen or love handles, helping patients achieve a slimmer appearance without surgery or downtime.

Over 85% of women and 72% percent of men in the United States are unhappy with their physical appearance, with 69% of women and 52% men indicating the appearance of their stomach is a source of anxiety. Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose.

HKPS practice co-founder J. David Holcomb, M.D., said, “We are continually looking to incorporate the latest technologies in our practice, and SculpSure is a new treatment we can offer to our patients in their efforts to achieve the appearance they desire. It is an excellent option for those wanting to target specific problem areas of fat with a non-invasive treatment that fits into their busy lifestyles. Now patients can receive treatment on their lunch hour and return to work right after, since no recovery time is required.”

The innovative technology used in SculpSure is the perfect match for these difficult areas, and has proven to be effective, with a patient satisfaction rate of over 90%. SculpSure uses specially-designed laser applicators to permanently destroy fat cells in a targeted area of the body without burning or damaging the skin. Patients feel a gentle warming sensation (heat) but no pain during the treatment. Over time, the body’s clearing process removes the treated fat cells, and a natural slimming of the treated body area(s) occurs.

HKPS practice co-founder, Joshua Kreithen, M.D., said, “What makes SculpSure particularly exciting is that the device allows us to customize treatment to each patient’s desired results. We can treat multiple areas simultaneously as we sculpt and define. ”

FDA-cleared and clinically tested, SculpSure is a safe and effective laser-based treatment that precisely targets fat cells under the skin, permanently destroying up to 24% of treated fat in a 25 minute procedure. Over time, these damaged fat cells are naturally absorbed and removed from the body, with results seen as quickly as six weeks, and optimal results typically seen at 12 weeks. Since there is no recovery time with SculpSure, patients can return to normal activities immediately following the treatment. SculpSure is also comfortable and well-tolerated, with most patients feeling nothing more than a warming sensation.

To find out more about SculpSure or to schedule a consultation at Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, please call 941-365-8679.

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Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery is renowned for its expertise in facial plastic surgery, plastic surgery of the breasts and body and cosmetic laser surgery. Additional core areas of focus within H|K MedSpa include non- and minimally-invasive body contouring, facial aesthetics, medical hair restoration, laser skin rejuvenation and medical skin care. With its comprehensive range of services and dedicated staff the practice has developed a reputation as one of the most advanced centers in Florida. Receipt of the Allergan “Black Diamond Award” is an objective benchmark for the practice’ success, ranking it among the top 1% of practices in the entire country providing Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm (including Voluma) injectable gel, Latisse, Natrelle breast implants and SkinMedica skin care.

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